Skype and Phone Coaching

Clients must live in Indiana to use this service due to TeleMental Health laws


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I recognize that it is almost impossible for a trucker to keep regular therapy appointments. Email, Skype, and Phone Coaching is an excellent way to stay on the road and better yourself at the same time.

Email, Phone, and Video Conference coaching/consultation advantages

  • Have your questions answered by an experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).
  • A confidential way to discuss concerns and questions. I promise to keep your information confidential!
  • A great way to comfortably address issues that may take too much nerve to come to my office.
  • Much more convenient than going to a clinic.
  • Significantly more cost effective compared to a traditional therapy session.
  • You will have your first consultation within two business days, unlike office visits that are often booked out weeks!
  • Stay on the don't have to take time off to consult with a therapist!

Topics for coaching/consultation

  • Stress
  • Relationship Problems
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • ...and other things you would like to improve about yourself


  • Privacy is taken very seriously and no information is shared with trucking companies or anyone else. Learn more.

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Payment Information

  • Credit or Debit Cards accepted

If I do not respond...

If you contact me and do not get a reply or I do not call for your session, then call me at 765-807-6778.


Your appointment time has been specially set aside for you. If you need to reschedule, please give at least two business days notice to avoid a cancellation fee. I ask for advanced notice because the time set aside by you cannot be used by someone on the waiting list when little or no notice is given. This applies to phone, Skype, and office clients.

Late Cancellation / No Show fee: $50



If you are considering hurting yourself or someone else, this service is not for you!
Please go to an emergency room of a hospital, call 911, or contact the National Suicide Hotline (United States) at 1-800-SUICIDE or 1-800-273-TALK.

Additional phone numbers can be located at

If you are considering hurting someone else, you need to go to a mental health center, emergency room of a hospital, or call 911. There are no emergency services provided. If you feel there would be a need for emergency services, then please participate in psychotherapy at a mental health center.

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