Lone Wolves


By Sandy Long

Trucking has always attracted those folk with antisocial attitudes.  Many are ex-military who do not want to be ordered about every minute of the day.  Some may suffer from post-traumatic disorders and just do not want to deal with the stress of interacting with others on a close basis.  A few may be coming out of abusive relationships and are afraid of allowing anyone close.

Then there are those who have bought into truck driver’s bad publicity and think that most other truckers are out to victimize them.  No matter the reason, there are folk that are lone wolves and just want to be left alone.

While it may be annoying to others who are more social, lone wolves harm no one.  They are doing their jobs, so should be left alone.  Social folk have to accept that some people are not going to say thank you for holding a door, or look like they are angry all of the time because of a stoic face.  While they may not be civil, again they are harming no one.

Just like in the wild, there are some animals that remain solitary for whatever reason, even though most of the same type pack or herd up.  Therefore, the same happens in people, it might be genetic, it might be illness, or issues at home that they are dealing with.  One never knows.

For some, who are going through a terribly hard time, they may isolate themselves to the point that it is unhealthy.  It was not the way they were, but it is how they are now.  These people get so stuck in a rut that they cannot get out of it.  While they truly need professional help, a more social person can crack the door just by saying hi and giving them a smile, not expecting anything in return.  Sometimes that hi, will spur the other person to respond, it is a first step.

Truckers are made up of all sorts of types of people, good, bad, and in between.  All have to work together at some point, or at least around others.  Accepting the differences in human nature and not having high expectations will help each to not become angered or annoyed by antisocial behavior of others.  One has to remember, the only attitude one can control is one’s own.  Anger should be directed towards truly bad people who do bad things, not the lone wolves in one’s midst.



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