What Do My Trucker Clients Look Like?

At least 80% of my trucker clients have problems with loneliness because many are away from home for weeks at a time.  If the driver is in a relationship, then communication problems are more likely due to the distance.  My clients often communicate via text and since tone of voice and body language is not present, there is a greater chance for arguments and miscommunications.  My clients also are more likely to have depressive concerns because of the isolation of being on the road.


Facebook is a common means of communication for truckers and helps them to feel less isolated.  There are also trucking organizations that use conference calls and facebook groups, which help as well.  There are many truckers who use video conference to stay connected.  I encourage my clients to be as social as possible and take advantage of all form of technology.  However, face to face communication is still the best.

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