What is depression?

Depression is one of the most common conditions I see in the trucking industry.  Missing home, disagreements with loved ones, problems with dispatchers, isolation, and general boredom are all common factors that can lead to depression.


What is depression?  It when you feel down-in-the-dumps for an extended period of time.  This can cause a variety of symptoms:



Feelings of hopelessness

Lack of energy


Lack of concentration

Slow movement

Weight gain or loss

Crying spells

Loss of interest

General sadness

Thoughts of suicide



It is important to be able to have contact with humans.  If you are talking to others, this will help you feel better.  Make sure that you are communicating with your family and friends.  Also, make sure you are eating as healthy as possible and getting a little bit of exercise.




Here are some ideas on how one can handle these long distance relationships and feel as fulfilled as possible:


  • When discussing serious subjects, especially with your partner, use phone (or webcam, if possible) in order to help with accurate communication.  Your tone of voice can often make a world’s difference in regards to working problems out or causing new ones!
  • Be sure to make your calls when you still have good energy.  If you call at the end of your day, this can really hurt enthusiasm and attention.
  • Keep as much of a mix of email, phone, and old fashioned letters as possible.  Everyone is used to getting calls and emails.  Postcards are those neat little things that most people enjoy and are not expecting.
  • Send a small and inexpensive gift to your loved one—again, this can mix things up a bit and be fun for both parties involved.


If you feel that you or a loved one had depression, anxiety, or is not feeling well in general, an appointment with a therapist or doctor is highly recommended.

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