Are You Missing Home?

I once had driver who told me that if you need a haircut while you are on the road, you’ve been on the road for too long.  I think he has some pretty good advice.  How often do you make it home?  How long do you stay once you get there?


Stress, anger, communication problems with your family, and feeling down are often caused by being on the road too long.  The longer a driver is away from home, the more difficult it is to manage stress.  It may not be obvious at first.  However, it is only natural to have less and less tolerance for the general stress of being on the road, the family problems that may arise while you are gone, and those squabbles with your partner that are only amplified while you are on the road.


Ways to manage stress while on the road

  • Call home frequently and don’t wait until you are tired
  • Take as much hometime as you can afford
  • Get connected with the trucking world. Interact with drivers on social media and at truck shows.
  • Join trucking organizations that fit your personality.  It is important to be social!
  • Do you best to get enough sleep, eat a decent diet, and get a little exercise



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