Who needs therapy?

If you are human, you have problems. Therapy can help with these problems. People do not have to be "mentally ill" in order to benefit from therapy or coaching. A wide range of issues can be addressed. I tend to work best with people who are struggling with the feelings of anger, anxiety, depression, difficulty with their sexuality/ sexual identity or sexual dysfunction.

What is therapy all about?

Therapy is about working though the problems you may be having. We all have problems and most of us need therapy to deal with them. However, the majority of people never have enough courage to talk with a therapist to address the problem! There are many techniques that can easily be taught to help one cope with or even overcome depression, anxiety, anger, and sexual problems.

What makes you qualified to work with me?

I have worked with the majority of populations, including people with severe mental illness, behavioral problems, questions about their sexual identity, substance abuse, sexual offending, suicidal and homicidal thoughts, as well as people with psychosis. My work in community mental health gave me client loads of approximately 100 people. I feel fortunate that I am able to serve my small caseload in private practice with quick appointments and maximum personal service.

I have experience working with truckers in my office and also via phone, email, and Skype. I am constantly in contact with the trucking community via my office, as well as facebook and twitter. More information about my face-to-face practice is at BuckBlack.com

How quickly can I get in?

You will be offered an appointment as quickly as my schedule will allow. See my Quick Appointment Guarantee

Are you the same as a psychiatrist?

No. I am a therapist with a Social Work degree (MSW). I focus on behaviors, emotions, and choices. A psychiatrist prescribes medication and rarely does therapy.

My family or spouse needs help dealing with me being on the road. What can be done?

Yes, I can help. E-Mail, Skype, and phone coaching/consultations are available to family members affected by the absence of the trucker.

How long does it take?

The length of therapy depends on the person. Many people see substantial benefit in less than six sessions.  Some people need long term services.  Either situation is ok and I am here to help.

What kind of people use this service?

Those who want to improve themselves and their families.